Power Automate filter based on Yes/No (boolean) column

Does your Power Automate flow need to filter only flagged documents using Yes/No (boolean) column and ignore the rest?

Did you try all possible combinations in the filter query …column eq true, …column eq ‘true’, …equals(column, ‘true’)… but none of them works?

While SharePoint is displaying the values as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the users, and as ‘true’ or ‘false’ on the background, to make a working filter on Yes/No (boolean) column in Power Automate you have to use numbers, Yes = 1, No = 0.

That means you must define the filter in the following format.

YesNo_column eq/ne 1
YesNo_column eq/ne 0

Before I found this solution I had a lot of flows where the filtering was done after the Get items action. But moving the filter into the Get items action itself instead of using IF condition did simplify the flow, made it much faster and also much easier to debug when needed.

If also your flows have conditions like the one below, you too should consider optimizing them.

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