How to store input from MS Forms form into SharePoint list

I built MS Forms form to gather data from other users, but I can export in only to Excel in the tool, how can I get it into SharePoint list for further processing?

Storing data from MS Forms form into SharePoint list gives you many possibilities. You can share the data, organize it, or even add some logic on the background using Power Automate. But before you start with all of this, you must store it into the SharePoint list.


  1. MS Forms form (you probably already have one since you want to store the submitted data, maybe even embedded into a SharePoint site)
  2. List in SharePoint to store the data, you need a separate column for each question on the form

Building the Power Automate flow

  1. Start from Automated flow (from blank) with a trigger When a new response is submitted (Microsoft Forms).
  2. Select your form in the Form Id field (flow will run if new response for this form is submitted). Add the Get response details (Microsoft Forms) action (to collect data from the submitted form).
  3. Add Create item (SharePoint) action, to create the new item for the submitted response in the list you prepared. Update the SharePoint item data with the data from the response (incl. date fields).
  4. Save the flow and test it.

Note: if you’ve got multiple questions with the same name, you can identify them with a single test run.

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