How to ‘Get emails’ from a folder in a shared mailbox with Power Automate

“Any tips on how to select a specific folder in a shared mailbox with the ‘Get emails (V3)’ Power Automate action? I see only folders from my mailbox.”

Most of the email operations in Power Automate can already work with folders in shared mailboxes. If you ‘move email’ or trigger flow ‘when new email arrives’, you can select a specific folder from the mailbox. But ‘Get emails (V3)’ doesn’t offer you the folders. It’ll show your personal folders even if you enter the shared mailbox address into the ‘Original Mailbox Address’ field.

Power Automate get emails shared mailbox folder

How can you select a folder in the shared mailbox when it’s not displayed?

Use the folderPath

If you select any of the available folders and then ‘Peek code’, you’ll see that the ‘Folder’ is represented by ‘folderPath’. Therefore, if you knew the ‘folderPath’, you could ignore the folder selection and enter the ‘folderPath’ directly.

Get emails (v3) peek code folder id

Get the folderPath

To get the ‘folderPath’, you can use any of the existing actions that already works correctly, e.g. ‘Move email’. Add the ‘Move email’ action to your flow, enter the shared mailbox, and select the desired folder.

Again, use the ‘Peek code’ feature under the 3 dots to see the ‘folderPath’. That’s the ‘Folder’ you want to use in the ‘Get emails’ action. Copy the ‘folderPath’ value from the action and store it into a ‘Compose’ action.

It might look as below.


Get emails from the folder

Once you have the ‘folderPath’, you can use it as the ‘Folder’ in the ‘Get emails’ action. Just don’t forget to enter also the ‘Original Mailbox Address’ of the shared mailbox.

Power Automate get emails shared mailbox folder


It seems that the folder selection in ‘Get emails’ was somehow forgotten when the Power Automate team added support for shared mailbox. But it doesn’t have to be a blocker for you, like in many situations before (e.g with missing dynamic content), there’s a workaround.

If you know where to look, and what to look for, you don’t need the folder selection button. The ‘Peek code’ feature will tell you what the action expects, and that allows you to provide the right input. In this situation it’s the ‘folderPath’, the same string as e.g. in the ‘Move file’ action.

In the end that’s exactly what the folder button does, you select a folder and the action will turn it into a ‘folderPath’.

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